Satellite Mission Posters 

These posters are displayed on multiple floors of our HQ. I created custom mission posters for each satellite SSTL launches.

Using my own minimalistic style that I stick to with each new mission. 

EUTELSAT QUANTUM: Launched July 2021 

EUTELSAT QUANTUM is SSTL's first geostationary satellite platform and the new spacecraft design will represent a first in the commercial satellite industry, by enabling the complete electronic synthesis of “receive” and “transmit” coverages in the Ku-band. 

Developed under an ESA Partnership Project with satellite operator Eutelsat and prime manufacturer Airbus, Eutelsat Quantum has pioneered a new generation of satellites with the European space industry.

The flexible software-defined satellite – which will be used by governments and in mobility and data markets – was launched on board an Ariane 5 on 30 July from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.

It has since reached geostationary orbit some 36,000 km above Earth, where the spacecraft systems checkout was successfully completed.

Because the satellite can be reprogrammed in orbit, it can respond to changing demands during its lifetime.

DoT-1: Launched July 2019

DoT-1 is a technology demonstration small satellite mission trialling new generation avionics for SSTL.

DoT-1 flies a commercial off the shelf Raspberry Pi camera which captured an image of the Mediterranean and a video of Europe

ELSA-d: Launched March 2021

SSTL supplied the Client satellite and avionics for ASTROSCALE's inaugral ELSA-d mission, which will simulate capture of orbital debris and is designed to validate key technologies for end-of-life spacecraft retrieval and disposal services.  

Click here to watch ASTROSCALE's ELSA-d mission animation.

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